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A fairer model.

The steady growth of online sales poses a threat to local bike shops as they struggle to meet customer demand for diverse products and brands. 

The current model, based on heavy online advertisement investment enlarges the profits of impersonal megastores and online ad platforms like Google or Facebook.

The·locals propose a new model where cyclists are invited to explore new brands by their trusted bike shop.

How it works.


Ready to try?

Simple setup.

No-tech required.

100% Free 


Not convinced yet? Keep scrolling down!

We complement your inventory.

  • We sell our own inventory. Keep operating your business as usual.

  • We sell cycling and lifestyle brands that are rarely found in independent bike shops.

  • We do not sell bikes.

"The Locals helps us get a cut from those sales that are currently happening out of our shop"

Alex Moore, Shop Manager


Growing recurring income

  • We share up to 50% of our gross margin with bike shops.

  • We increase customers' value with urban and outdoors fashion sales.

  • Register visitants and see how your monthly revenues grow.

Are you with us?

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