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Founded by former Amazon employees and cycling enthusiasts, The Locals is born with the mission of creating a fairer ecommerce model for the sport they love – cycling. It is the only cycling ecommerce platform designed to delight customers while supporting local bike shops.

Similar to other online stores, we offer a curated selection of fresh and inspiring cycling and outdoors brands that customers might not typically find in their local bike shop's traditional inventory. What sets us apart is that we give customers the opportunity to choose the local bike shop or cafe they wish to support with each purchase made on our platform. We share a portion of our margin with the chosen local cycling business, making it a win-win for both customers and the community. This unique approach has led to local bike shops encouraging their visitors to register at

This is not charity. We firmly believe in the recommendation power of the local cycling community as the most effective sources of traffic and drivers of loyalty. Our goal is for The Locals to become one of the largest resellers in the cycling industry, while also being the most beloved brand among cyclists.

If you're here, it's because your brand has the opportunity to start selling on The Locals and become a true Local Hero from day one. Join us and be a part of our beautiful story.

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